Our position on Zimbabwe

The situation in Zimbabwe remains extremely confused with an enormous potential for radicalization and extremism from two large group of the population.

On the one hand, persistent rumours from Robert Mugabe supporters pretend that the purported letter of resignation should have been accompanied by a Life Speech from the President should that has been genuine.
 Such public statement would have eliminated any idea of coercion or force. 

On the other hand, supporters of the army and former vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, are actively awaiting for effective transition and official inauguration. 

The two groups, completely frozen in their different positions, could become radicalized, with a possibility of confrontation, should one or the other be disavowed in his postulate.

In order to avoid possible confrontation and for the consolidation of peace, justice and democracy in Zimbabwe, the Knights of Peace Association strongly encourages both parties to take any measures to reassure each other relatively to President Mugabe's alledged decision to resign, this is an important prerequisite for a peaceful continuation of public affairs under a new regime.