TOGO, The Emergency of Peace

TOGO, The Emergency of Peace

Like the whole world, the Knights of Peace Association "Knights of Peace" attends all the drifts and various social movements that punctuate the public life of TOGO.
 Videos illustrating inexplicable scenes of violence in modern Africa circulate on the web. It is undeniable, the Togolese people in a sensitive proportion is radicalizing strongly, putting in danger the common destiny of the whole people.

The association "the knights of peace" is worried about this rise of violence and wishes to sensitize both the Togolese people and the leaders of this great country so that immediately ends the social and radical movements which certainly increase exponentially the cost already unsustainable wars in an Africa that aspires to emergence.

To the Togolese people, we ask them to act with tact and prudence, and to direct their political choices to the ballots in order to participate productively in the political life of their nation. The people must assume their political choices and respect human life, the loss of life in the unnecessary violence which recently occurred is an unacceptable senseless event. Every Togolese man or woman, is a huge wealth for all of Africa.

It is time for a real moral rearmament so that the whole world stops making mistakes about the real nature of this great people. At the individual level, we advocate for a renewal of dignity. Each of you is responsible for the entire image of your Nation. Protect life therefore, divine and precious work without which the building of a strong nation is impossible.

To the TOGOLESE leaders, we advise to act Wisely, so as to respect the will of the People who brought you to its summit. To use every means at their disposal to communicate effectively with the people on the efforts and sacrifices made in the difficult management of a state in crisis.

Your leadership role gives you tremendous responsibility in history and you have the DUTY to lead with honesty and probity, so that TOGO and the whole of humanity will remember you and honor your memory.

Finally, we recommend to all Togolese the respect of the laws and national institutions, and the moderate criticism necessary to the improvement of the Togolese systems and institutions.
It is in Peace, it is only in PEACE that the TOGO will Advance towards its Glorious future, So be Togolese and Togolese, peace workers able at all times to preserve your assets and build the GRAND TOGO, whose History demonstrates the central role in Africa of tomorrow.

The Executive Bureau.