THE KNIGHTS OF PEACE ASSOCIATION gives you an opportunity to network with other chapters and have special access and communication to our National and International Conference Board Members. If you are on the go and need some advice, log in and find the answers you need.


When you join the KNIGHTS OF PEACE ASSOCIATION you are automatically assigned to a chapter. Our chapters are financially supported by the international head office and do not charge chapter dues. Chapters of the KNIGHTS OF PEACE ASSOCIATION offer professional development programs that facilitate education and networking, award programs that recognize outstanding achievements, and building opportunities that strengthen the role of our members within their communities.
Most of the KNIGHTS OF PEACE ASSOCIATION members belong to, or are working to form, a chapter in their local communities.
Professional Growth
Gain the inside track on new strategies, techniques and trends, gained through local seminars and meetings that will strengthen your skills and broaden your knowledge.
Professional Status
Participation in awards programs and leadership positions bring increased recognition and respect among your fellow members and within your community. Involvement also accelerates your growth in your own organization by developing often hidden skills.

Fellowship and Networking
Chapter events give you the opportunity to network with your peers and expand your circle of contacts.
Job Search Assistance
Whether through informal networking or specific job search services, you'll be the first to learn of openings in your area.

Join a Chapter:
If you are already a member, please contact the membership team to find out whether there is a chapter within your reach. You will then request to join any available chapter free of charge.
In the rare event where there is none available within your geographical location, you will be advised on the procedure to create one and achieve your socialization and professional objectives.