Word from president

Welcome to the Knights of Peace Association

We are the global association dedicated to fighting against radicalization, extremism and terrorism.
As a global village, the world if becoming more and more unsafe. Every day, devastating acts of terrorism are being perpetrated across most major cities of Asia, Europe, African and the Americas. Governments strive as much as they may afford, to tackle the global phenomenon of terrorism with the maximum use of their full military and intelligence capabilities, but these expensive ventures don’t really seem to fetch much visible result.

Never in human history have defense budgets reached the current amounts globally, but the diversity, frequency and impacts of terrorist attacks is also moving exponentially.
It is more and more obvious that the use of force, even though necessary in few instances, will not be able to appropriately address the issue of terrorism, but rather, it might lead to more senseless deaths.
Extremism, radicalization and ultimately terrorism, are the result of seeds sawn in human mind by a number of processes used to control individuals and groups. For that reason, we believe that it is in the mind of humans, and of course through appropriate education, that we should raise the walls to fight for peace and against deadly manipulation of human minds.
That is exactly where the KNIGHTS of PEACE Association comes into play. We are the only global association entirely devoted to educate people towards the effective fight against extremism, radicalization and terrorism.

Our global network of members runs unparalleled training programs within schools, universities, companies and societies at large to help grow a population of well-groomed and emotionally balanced individuals. We believe that intellectual and emotional maturity is the true solution to emotional, religious and spiritual manipulation.
We understand that Knowledge and Justice are critical when it comes to promoting equity and preventing radicalization. We therefore conduct an annual global research which culminates to the production of the Global Report on Extremism and Radicalization which is released annually during the Knights of Peace Awards, Our Awards ceremony designed to recognize the world leaders who have excelled in non-violent actions aimed at bringing equality, fighting extremism and radicalization remarkably.  

Our members are equipped with the key knowledge to identify the red flags and can identify the individuals who are specifically subjected to emotional, spiritual and religious manipulation and may approach them for assistance. In the event where the signals are clear-cut and strong, our members are trained on the appropriate procedure to document the case and report to the relevant police department or state agency as the case may apply.

We believe together we can address the issue of global terrorism in a more efficient way than ever before, and we need you to come with us in this noble quest.
We need you to make a radical choice and fight terrorism with the right tools! 
We welcome you to the Knights of Peace Association.

FEUGUENG, Michel Aaron
Founder and President